WiFi & Networking

In today’s connected world, a reliable high speed hardwired or wireless network is a must. The network is at the center of your smart home. It creates a connection across all the devices in your home to ensure seamless communication.  A strong network is critical for efficient distribution of streaming, voice and data throughout your home.

A well-designed, reliable network will provide fast speeds, prompt responses and minimal downtime. It can operate smart devices, computers and smart phones, while providing maximum bandwidth to manage the traffic in your home.

Goosebumps specializes in designing and installing state-of-the-art enterprise-grade networks. We create a system that allows you to stay connected from anywhere in your home, including your outdoor living areas. Improve your productivity, make life easier and enjoy a network that never fails.  Our networks are designed using the highest quality networking equipment and wiring from Ruckus, Engenius, Araknus and Clearline.

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