About Us

Goosebumps is the premier technology provider servicing the greater Pittsburgh area and beyond. We offer the latest in smart home and commercial technology. Our range of services include automation and control, lighting and shades, audio and video, home theater, networking, surveillance and solar power.

We pride ourselves on our experience and expertise in automation. We have a passion for technology and continually improve our skills and service offerings based on the latest technological trends.  We offer premier customer service and design custom systems to meet our client’s lifestyles. Our expert team of installers and programmers are detail oriented, trustworthy and reliable.  Goosebumps delivers superior quality, cutting edge technology that intuitively appeals to your senses. 

At Goosebumps, we are committed to improving the lives of our clients through state-of-the-art technology. Let us design a system that puts control of your home or business at your fingertips. We can service your pre-construction, custom and retro fit needs. Call us today!


Goosebumps, founded by Randy Evans, has been serving the greater Pittsburgh area since 1989. Randy always had an ear for music. He had the ability to listen to a song on the radio and sit down at a piano and play it. Randy took his passion for music and turned it into a business when he started Goosebumps. He started with car audio and developed a reputation for quality and service. In 1995, Goosebumps transitioned to home by adding home theater design and installation. Randy rented out a space next door to the car audio store and used it for a home theater showroom. He started with rear projection tvs and vcrs. The home theater business continued to grow and in 1998, Randy purchased his own building where he offered a combination of car audio and home theater.

Randy’s son, Brock Evans, grew up at Goosebumps. When Brock was 11 he started installing under hood power kits for amps and remote starts. Brock honed his car skills and worked his way up to the head of car division by age 26. He developed an interest in technology and turned his interests to the home side of the business. In 2009, Brock bought part of the company and became a partner in the business. His passion for ever changing technology has changed the direction of Goosebumps and in 2017, car audio was removed from Goosebumps’ list of services, making way for the roll out of solar and battery storage in 2020.  An idea Brock has been enthusiastic about since his purchase in 2009.  

Today, Goosebumps Home offers a full range of home technology services. The combination of knowledge and experience from both father and son make Goosebumps the ultimate source for all things technology for home and commercial projects.