Home Automation

Enjoy all the luxuries of your smart home with the touch of a button. Improve your life with intuitive technology.

Integrate the audio, video, temperature, shades, lighting and surveillance with a control system managed by a single device. Multiple systems are managed and controlled under a single button. Create preset scenes in your home set to different times of the day. Wake up to the natural sun light with the shades open, your coffee brewing and your favorite news playing. Enjoy a relaxing evening with perfectly dimmed lighting and relaxing music streaming. Whether at work or traveling, access your home remotely from anywhere in the world. 

Goosebumps offers the latest technology in smart home automation from URC. Your system can be controlled from your mobile device, in-wall touch screens, elegant tabletop controllers or remote controls. Your smart home system is simple to learn and easy to operate.

We can design and program your home to meet your every desire. Let us simplify your life, enhance the safety of your space, and put technology at your fingertips. We are your source for total control and can create a truly personalized lifestyle for you and your family.

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