Audio Video

Create the perfect environment which welcomes and entertains your customers or clients, makes them want to stay longer and keeps them coming back from more. A custom audio and video system is designed to streams music, videos, sports, custom content and branded messaging throughout your office or retail space, restaurant, bar or house of worship. The centralized system allows you to deliver different content across multiple areas at controlled volumes throughout your space. 

A commercial audio system allows you to control music playlist with a touch screen, remote or tablet. The system is designed to minimize the visual impact of the speakers and blend in with the environment. Distributed video enables a single video source such as a satellite or receiver to be shared across multiple TVs located throughout your space. Sources are placed in a centralized location rather than at every display screen. All equipment is placed in a storage cabinet where it is easily accessible.

Your system can be designed to deliver the highest definition audio and 4K HDR video both indoors and outdoors. In addition to traditional systems, we also offer pro audio equipment including microphones and mixers.

Goosebumps can plan, design, and install an integrated system designed to your specifications with premium commercial components offering the latest in technology. We will meet the needs of your business all while bringing the perfect entertainment to your customers.   Let us construct the perfect system for your business.

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