Let The Sun Power Your Home

Power rates are on the rise and can increase 4-6% per year. Wouldn’t you love to avoid future increases and potentially earn
money as energy costs rise? This would be good for your wallet and for the environment. Goosebumps has the perfect solution. Go solar.

Turn sunlight into energy to power your home with the only complete residential solar system, the SunPower Equinox® . The system that goes from sun to switch. Reduce your electric bill and be environmentally conscious by taking advantage of a natural resource.

The weather and climate conditions in Pennsylvania are well-suited for a solar system. Cooler temperatures optimize the efficiency,
and the rain keeps the panels clean. The state of Pennsylvania has passed legislation requiring the utility companies to use net metering, meaning you get paid back at the higher day rate for energy produced.

Goosebumps has partnered with SunPower® and together, we create an individualized solar plan that is specific to the layout
of your home and surrounding environment. This includes the direction your roof faces and any obstacles that may hinder solar energy production. We offer the most efficient, most aesthetically pleasing and most reliable system, backed by the industry leading warranty.

Advantages of SunPower Equinox®

Patented Maxeon® Cells

  • A solid copper backing leaves the face of the cell 100% unobstructed to offer maximum power with a unique aesthetic compared to traditional solar
  • Triple redundant cell interconnections designed to expand and contract with changing weather 
  • The copper mesh backing prevents corrosion and allows the panel to produce energy even in the event cells are physically damaged

 Unmatched Results

  • Most efficient solar panels on the market, with a 22% efficiency rate
  • Produces the equivalent total energy in 17 years, that conventional panels produce in 25 years

Sleek Design

  • InvisiMount® racking delivers a streamline look with hidden rails and no visible wires
  • Our specially trained team means no visible hardware or unnecessary conduit on the side of your home

 Hidden Technology

  • Built in microinverters placed at the back of every module maximize power output and drastically limit the effects of shading

 SunVault™ Storage System

  • With the ability to keep security systems on - and food fresh in the refrigerator- you can maintain comfort and safety inside your home, regardless of the weather outside  
  • Fast, seamless transition from utility to self-generated power, without so much as a flicker
  • SunVault™ Storage combines the sleek and minimalist design that customers expect from SunPower


mySunPower™ App

  • Track your system for real-time updates on production, use and energy bill savings from any mobile device

Complete Confidence Warranty

  • 25-Year warranty that covers the WHOLE SYSTEM (not just the panels)
  • 100% repair or replacement, including labor and parts covered
  • 100% shipping covered
  • Industry leading performance guarantee, keeping 92% of original production over 25 years



A SunPower Equinox® solar system is custom designed based on the specifics of your home. To accurately quote a system, we need to know some basic information. It takes just 3 easy steps.

  1. Initial phone call 941.3326or email us
  2. Provide us your address along with a copy or picture of the graph on your power bill showing the previous year’s power use for your home
  3. Meeting to present design(s) and discuss your proposal. Proposal details the ROI over 25 years, the life of the warranty.

Call us to learn more about the benefits, cost savings and tax credits available from solar power.

One system, from one company. Made in the USA. Goosebumps and SunPower®, your partners in energy efficiency. Financing available. Systems for commercial spaces upon request.