Commercial and Residential Solar

Harness the Power of the Sun for Your Home

Energy costs are steadily rising and can increase by as much as 8-10% each year. Why not protect yourself from future increases while doing your part for the environment? At Goosebumps Smart Tech + Solar Solutions, we have the perfect solution: solar power.

Transform the power of sunlight into energy that can power your home with our complete residential solar system. Reduce your electric bill and be environmentally conscious by taking advantage of a natural resource that is readily available to you.

Our solar system is tailored to your home's unique layout and surroundings. We consider the direction your roof faces, as well as any obstacles that may hinder solar energy production. Our system is the most efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and reliable on the market, backed by an industry-leading warranty.

And roof mounts are just one solution! If you have a decent size piece of property ground mounts are a great solution. Ground mount installations give us the ability to point the panels in exactly the correct direction and tilt, unlike a roof where we need to make adjustments and some compromises. 

Advantages of Our Solar System®

Our system features the latest technology, including:

  • High-performance solar panels with a 22% efficiency rate, producing the equivalent total energy in 17 years that conventional panels produce in 25 years.
  • Invisible rack systems for a streamlined look with hidden rails and no visible wires. 
  • Built-in microinverters to maximize power output and limit the effects of shading.
  • A best-in-class Storage System that keeps security systems on and food fresh in the refrigerator.
  • Goosebumps App to track your system for real-time updates on production, use, and energy bill savings from any mobile device.

Our Complete Confidence Warranty covers the whole system for 25 years, including labor and parts, and includes an industry-leading performance guarantee, keeping 92% of original production over 25 years.

The Process

Our solar system is custom-designed based on your home's specific details. To get an accurate quote, all we need are some basic details:

  • Give us a call or send an email to schedule an initial phone call.
  • Provide us with your address and a copy or picture of the graph on your power bill showing the previous year's power use for your home.
  • We'll set up a meeting to present designs and discuss your proposal, which will detail the ROI over 25 years and the life of the warranty.

 Our Equipment Suppliers are the Industry Leaders

  • Racking — Ironridge, Unirac Groundmount, Pegasus, K2
  • Panels — Maxeon, REC, Mission Solar, HANWHA Q-Cell, Hyundai
  • Inverters — Enphase, Sol-Ark, SolarEdge (For Commercial Use Only)
  • Generators — Generac (exclusive dealer)
  • Back-up Generators (natural gas and propane) — Kholer, Generac
  • Wind Turbines

 Our Solar Technicians are Trained and Certified

  • Enphase Certification (Enphase University)  
  • Enphase Battery Certification
  • Ironridge Certification
  • SolarEdge Academy
  • Unirac Master Installer Certified
  • Enphase Master Installer
  • REC Solar
  • Maxeon Solar

At Goosebumps Smart Tech + Solar Solutions, we are your partners in energy efficiency. Our solar system is made in the USA and financing is available.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits, cost savings, and tax credits available from solar power. We also offer commercial solar systems upon request.