Bring ultra-high definition video with Dolby Vision to every screen in your home with a hi-tech video distribution system. Stream your favorite movie or show in the family room, then hit pause and finish watching outside by the pool. Maintain the aesthetics of your home with only screens present in each room and all other equipment hidden away with wireless universal remotes to easily find your favorite show or channel.  

Your family can watch together or enjoy different shows in separate rooms. At the touch of a button, you can see your show anywhere in your home. Experience 4K HDR quality video in every room in your house.

Looking to cut the cord and be free of cable bills?  Along with a strong network, you can have super high quality video streamed to all of your TV’s at a fraction of the price of cable.  Why not use some of those savings to pick up the latest TV from Goosebumps, including the new Wallpaper TV from LG which extends only 0.23” from your wall!

Let Goosebumps Home design the perfect custom entertainment system for you and your family!

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