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Are you looking for a centrally-located system that distributes audio and video, to rooms throughout your home or business? If so, a wireless whole-home audio system is exactly what you want. Goosebumps Home Theatre Sales and Custom Installation handles whole-home audio, including fully equipped outdoor systems.


Our systems are easily installed with existing wiring hidden out of site. Have your subwoofers buried within the walls and equipped with satellite speakers, for an even level of sound throughout the room. We can even hide your speakers and install them to look like lights, so one will know where the sound is coming from!

Experience an outdoor system

Have your room's audio perfectly calibrated

No more blaring two speakers on your deck — you can now have evenly-balanced sound throughout your entire outdoor living area, including any outdoor TV systems.


Enjoy music all around the pool or anywhere in your yard.

Is there a room in your home where the audio or video is "off" in some way? Do you need to calibrate the acoustics of a room with a wooden floor? We offer room correction services and use a microphone to measure sound and audio frequency.


From hardwood to carpeting, every room in your home can have the same quality of audio. You'll be given a printout of how the room's video and audio was calibrated using ISF techniques.

Call: 724-941-3326

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